Justin Thacker



This is the blog of Justin Thacker – husband, father and Arsenal supporter who loves Jesus but hates global injustice. I’m a freelance theologian who works for a tax justice charity


  1. I found your article at bethinking.org(Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?)and I have a question that might sound weird or stupid but if God were an evil being with no moral standards(goodness,kindness,love,etc)would it be logical for God to create beings that have goodness,kindness and love or basically can an evil God create moral creatures?


    Comment by James | 28/06/2016 | Reply

    • I’ve only just discovered this question. I think my answer is ‘yes’ that would be possible, but presumably only if such moral beings were countered by a greater number of immoral beings so that the sum total of morality is negative.

      Comment by Justin Thacker | 23/02/2017 | Reply

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